Welcommmeee Welcommmeee!!!

Hi everyone! My name is Candice and I am the hands on behind and in front of the scenes. I have appropriately named this blog "Behind the Scenes Shenanigans" because, as it suggests, my life is full of them! My husband is a teacher, and I work from home with my two quickly growing, fast moving, "No! Put that back!" boys. You will quickly find that I am quite the nerd as well and am teaching my sons the way of the Jedi, even though mostly they act like little siths. I love them so much, and any items you get was was most like put in my "take to the post office" bag by one, or both of them. I just wanted to take a minute to say welcome, tell you to check out the Facebook group for geeky items I don't post here...yet, and show you my reason for all I do.

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